Tin Building Marine Platform

Soon to be Trevcon’s latest addition to the South Street Seaport, the demolition and reconstruction of the Tin Building marine platform is currently underway. An extension of Trevcon’s Pier 17, a platform supported by 825 steel piles completed in 2017, the Tin Building platform reconstruction will be another step towards revitalizing the South Street Seaport.

In a location with no direct access to the water, the work on the platform will be completed with a crane entering from the East River and walking across the New Market Building platform on a temporary trestle. The steel trestle is composed of 9 sections of beams, each spanning approximately 50’ long and resting on 22 steel piles.

Once the existing platform and concrete encased timber piles are removed, 202 ea. 24” diameter x ½” wall steel pipe piles will be driven to support precast pile caps, precast planks, and a cast-in-place deck. The completion of the 34,400+ SF platform will be followed by the reconstruction of the historic Tin Building, which earlier this year, was disassembled. Elements of the original structure will be reused to complete the building which will then primarily be used as a food hall run by Chef Jean-Georges.