Dredging Operations

Trevcon’s extensive experience in excavation and material handling, coupled with our marine construction experience gives us unique qualifications to provide specialty dredging services.

Trevcon’s dredging operations was initiated when we were required to excavate sub aqueous utility trenches. Most of this work involved bucket dredging methods; however, some included hydraulic dredges.

    • Bucket dredging
    • Hydraulic dredging
    • Maintenance dredging
    • Marinas and berths
    • Drill and blast
    • Environmental dredging

We have performed beach replenishment for the Army Corp. and New Jersey DEP using hydraulic cutter head. In addition, we have removed sediment in lifts as small as 18” during removal of contaminated or hazardous materials for upload disposal. Sub aqueous excavations for utilities included open ocean projects and drills and blast methods.