Pier 40 – Phase 2

Pier 40, located in lower Manhattan on the Hudson River, is the largest commercial pier in Hudson River Park Trusts’ portfolio. The pier’s footprint is 15 acres and is supported by over 3,500 h-piles. Assuming its modern form back in 1958, the pier has undergone several piecemeal rehabilitation efforts to remain operational as a parking structure and sports fields for the surrounding community.

The latest repair effort is a full-scale foundation stabilization, consisting of a several-phased underwater pile repair program; Trevcon won the competitive Phase-II bid to encase over 400 h-piles with rebar cages and fiberglass forms, and to pump the encasements with concrete. The existing h-piles are approximately 20 feet long and are encased from the top of the existing deck, above mean high water, down to the mudline. While working adjacent to the busy shipping lanes of the lower Hudson, combatting the river’s strong currents, and protecting the surrounding ecology from construction operations, Trevcon has mobilized a team of experienced commercial divers to execute the entirety of Phase II within a demanding year-long schedule. Eastco Shotcrete will also be mobilized to repair and shotcrete the underside concrete deck spalling.

Several future uses of the pier have been proposed recently, ranging from converting the pier to new residential high-rise construction to building a modern-day sports arena, but whatever New York City requires Pier 40 to become, the Trevcon-repaired foundation will keep the pier standing for another half-century.