Phase B – Marine Installation

Trevcon recently constructed new ferry landings at four locations under the Phase B – Marine Install contract of the New York City Citywide Ferry Service project for Skanska and the New York City Economic Development Corp. The new ferry landings are part of the $300 million Citywide Ferry Service project. Construction of the four locations (Sound View Ave (Bronx), E90th St (Manhattan), Corlear’s Hook (Manhattan), E20th St (Manhattan)) varied greatly from site to site.

At the Sound View Ave location, 24 piles were driven, precast pile caps were set followed by precast planks with a 4000 sq ft cast-in-place deck poured to construct a new 200’ pier. Following the construction of the pier, the ferry barge was delivered and 36” piles were driven as anchor piles to hold the new ferry barge in place and monopiles with donut fenders. An 80’ x 10’ aluminum gangway was installed from the pier to the ferry barge for access to the landing.

The E90th St and Corlear’s Hook locations required the installation of 54” drill casings and drilling of 42” x 15’ rock sockets prior to the installation of the permanent 36” anchor and monopiles. At these sites, two 18” piles were installed with a precast pile cap to create a landing near the bulkhead for the aluminum gangway. Following the installation of all piles, the ferry barge was floated in and secured with anchor pile collars.

The E20th St landing was designed with two 80’ x 10’ aluminum gangways to allow enough draft for the new ferries to berth at the ferry barge. In order to achieve this two gangway landings had to be constructed by driving 18” piles, installing precast pile caps and a precast plank spanning two of the caps as an intermediate landing between the two gangways. 36” anchor piles and monopiles were driven and the two 80’ x 10’ aluminum gangways were set.