E91st Marine Transfer Station NYC

Trevcon Construction Co., Inc. and Skanska Civil, N.E. formed a joint-venture to construct a Marine Station located in the Upper East Side of Manhattan on the East River. The $181 million project consisted of the demolition of the existing transfer station, including its entrance ramp, and the construction of a new 10-story structure in its place with an expanded ramp crossing FDR Drive. Trevcon’s portion of the work entailed construction of the marine foundations for the structure, ramp and precast pier. The foundations were assembled by drilling and installing 172 steel pile casings of various diameters across a 300-foot by 350-foot area in the East River, then filling them with concrete. The deck was constructed by setting precast caps over the shafts, inserting beams between the caps then placing planks over them, and finally by pouring an 8-inch topping slab over the planks. Repairs to the existing seawall were also made.