Pier 26 Ecopark

Trevcon was recently awarded the Pier 26 Ecopark project located in the Hudson River Park in Tribeca. The 11.8 million dollar project will be an extension of the existing Pier 26 featuring a tidal wetlands area and an elevated walkway rising over 15’ above the Hudson River. Included in the construction of the project are 36 ea. 36” diameter x 1.25” wall steel pipe piles, 9 ea. precast concrete slabs weighing over 250 tons each, placement of over 2,000 architectural boulders, as well as a structural steel walkway topped with precast concrete planks.

The focus of the project is to create an educational area to closely connect the community with ecological aspects of the Hudson River. The project was designed with the idea that the newly created tidal wetlands area will attract wildlife native to the Hudson, including various birds, aquatic life, and vegetation. To this end the project incorporates several unique aspects not typically seen on piers in Manhattan, such as “bio-enhancements” on piles which contain clam shell substrates to stimulate future shellfish growth.

Pier 26 Ecopark will be Trevcon’s latest addition to the Hudson River Park in downtown Manhattan. It is located directly north of Pier 25, a 135,000+ SF pier which Trevcon completed construction on in 2008 (which is also the longest pier in the Hudson River Park). Construction on Pier 26 will begin in Summer 2018 and is expected to be open to the public in the fall of 2019.