East Midtown Greenway

Trevcon was recently awarded multiple phases of the East Midtown Greenway project located along the east river from E 53rd to E 61st street. These phases include Pile Procurement, Demolition, and the Construction of Phases 1 & 3A.  This project will fill a major gap in the Manhattan Waterfront Greenway running along the East River.  As part of this project, Trevcon will furnish and install 30” and 54” drilled caissons, precast pile caps, precast planks and form and pour approximately 22,000 square ft of concrete deck at varying elevations from at or near water level to 20’ plus above the water. This newly constructed pile supported structure will help provide an open public space for the local communities of East Midtown and the general public as well as create a continuous public access way along the river. The final product will consist of various seating and railing options for pedestrians, bike path, and watering stations for the public.

Prior to new construction, Trevcon will remove existing structures within the limits of the new work. As part of this portion of the project Trevcon will install 160 LF of Steel Sheet Pile wall supported by a drilled tie-back system in close proximity to the FDR Drive.  Following installation of sheeting, approximately 5,600 square ft of the existing timber pile supported lower level platform will be removed along with the existing timber piling to allow for the new construction.

This project presents difficult logistical planning and coordination as all equipment and materials must be transported to site via water.  The East Midtown Greenway project will be Trevcon’s latest addition to the Manhattan waterfront. Construction will begin in Fall of 2019.