101 Lincoln Ave. Waterfront

Trevcon was recently awarded a project located at 101 Lincoln Avenue, Bronx New York. The site location runs along the Harlem River and is immediately south of the Third Avenue Bridge spanning from Manhattan. The project involves will be a complete bulkhead renovation. Existing bulkhead will be excavated to allow the install of new pipe piles. Over 7,500 tons of soil is needed to be excavated and removed from site prior to new construction. Included in the construction of the project are 137 ea. 20” diameter x 0.500” wall steel pipe piles, 27 ea. precast concrete pile caps, 156 ea. 12” thick precast concrete planks, over 500 LF of steel sheets, as well as a cast in place concrete cap for the steel sheets.

The main goal of this project is to create the waterfront foundation for the future home of a mixed-use residential building complex which will occupy the entire city block at the foot of the Third Avenue Bridge. The Lincoln Avenue site proposes an unusual challenge to Trevcon that is not usually encountered within our line of work. Due to an active railroad running along the Harlem River, all equipment and material must be brought to site via land. Trevcon will erect a crane on site for the install of sheets, piles and concrete precast pieces.

The 101 Lincoln Avenue Waterfront will be Trevcon’s latest addition to the Harlem River waterfront from the Bronx side. Construction on site will begin in spring 2020 and is expected to be open to the public in the fall of 2021.