Mill Basin Waterfront Rehabilitation

The Mill Basin Waterfront Rehabilitation Project for NYC EDC was awarded to Trevcon and includes work at two different Marinas: Bayview Marina and Sea Travelers Marina, both located on Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn. The first involves demolition of 137 feet of an old wood bulkhead and the construction of a new Combi-wall in the same location. The new bulkhead will be composed of H-beam piles 70 feet long weighing more than 5 tons each. These piles will be connected with double sheet piles 50 feet long weighing 3 tons each pair, completing the Combi-wall that will be topped with a cast-in-place reinforced concrete cap through its whole length.

The other Marina, Sea Travelers, involves removal and replacement of the existing rip rap shoreline. A pre-cast reinforced concrete curb will be placed through the length of the riprap. At the same location, a small steel sheet bulkhead replacement in kind will be made, along with miscellaneous repairs and improvements to the existing Marina floating docks. The work is projected to begin in early 2020.